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The Vibrant Relationships Guy 

For over 30 years, Rick has sought wisdom, training, tools and deep awareness to help negotiate the often mystifying realm of creating and nurturing what he terms ‘Vibrant Relationships’- relationships with people that are important to him. As the father of three daughters, the grandfather of three granddaughters, a husband, friend, teacher, inspirational leader and man, Rick has struggled to become more aware, more empowered and a better man for much of his life. Rick’s Mission of Service has further driven this quest through his professional and personal life.

How does one create vibrant, authentic, healthy relationships at home, at work and in the world?  How does one find and embrace one’s Passion and Purpose?  How does one connect and create productive connections to people from different cultures and backgrounds? These questions are what really interest him and what drives Rick’s work today!  And that’s why Rick is so passionate about offering his professional speaking, writing, coaching and training in three main arenas where his expertise in creating and nurturing Vibrant Relationships shines: Personal Connections, Leadership and Followership and Multicultural Awareness.

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